Short stories tagged with Torture.

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When a teenage boy's father goes missing, the boy suspects that his father's girlfriend knows more than she lets on. He follows her to an abandoned hospital one night to find answers.

A man's jealous wife kidnaps any woman she thinks he shows any interest in to torture and murder in their basement. Deciding to finally put an end to this and escape the absusive relationship, the man poisons his wife and frees her most recent victim.

A well-traveled brown-skinned man is stopped by customs upon his return to the USA and is suspected to be an enemy of the state without explanation. While being tortured and beaten, he reflects on how he ended up there in the first place.

After facing court martial for subjecting terrorist prisoners to horrific torture, an ex-military convict reunites with her fellow torturers to face the supernatural monster their violence awoke.

A young girl is captured by scavenger army raiders, separated from her mother, and—alongside other children—forced to rummage the post-apocalyptic ruins of the raiders’ town. In the wasteland, she finds an artifact from the Before, offering her and the other captives a chance at freedom.

A secret agent evades torture in a cliff hanger mystery.

An ironworker is racked with guilt after making a torture device for a man across the street.

While in India on a ritzy business trip, a museum curator has been instructed to find art that leaves an impression on him. His search leads him to a terrifying place where acts of violence are considered "art."

When a Sri Lankan woman witnesses a young boy being dragged behind a military vehicle, she must make a devastating choice -- send her son away, or keep him in harm's way.

In 1999, a Wyoming ranch owner estranged from his ex-wife, sons, and grandchildren deliberates over what to do with his property when he dies.