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Because of her peculiar disposition, a young woman faces several challenges while living in her hometown in South Carolina. However, the same traits that her town sees as undesirable might just save her life when she becomes imprisoned in an enemy camp during World War II.

A forty-five thousand pound coil triggers a memory for Kendra from when she was sixteen: driving on a truck with her mostly-absent father, watching her father play banjo, and thinking about a self-destructive girl.

A young girl is captured by scavenger army raiders, separated from her mother, and—alongside other children—forced to rummage the post-apocalyptic ruins of the raiders’ town. In the wasteland, she finds an artifact from the Before, offering her and the other captives a chance at freedom.

A young cosmetologist in 1920s New York City trades gossip with posh clientele, which leads to a heartrending encounter involving a former friend.

In an alternate universe where mermaids are critically endangered animals, a team of marine biologists off the coast of Jeju Island embark on a decade-long journey to revive the over-hunted, largely-infertile species. The researchers' hopes are set on one dominant female, but when their tampering crosses an irreversible line, their mission— and her life— become jeopardized. In an alternate world where mermaids are real and critically endangered, a team of marine biologists near Jeju Island embark on a decade-long mission to revive the over-hunted and overwhelmingly male species. The scientists set their hopes on one dominant female and her two male companions. However, as they study their sexual lives, the team learns just how complicated an "animal" can be— and how, sometimes, conserving a species comes at the cost of some of its members.

A high school girl, the lone survivor of two massacres, skips town, believing herself cursed. But when she realizes her virginity and “Final Girl” status afford her protections, she resolves to hunt down serial killers before they claim their victims.

In the far future, a female scientist must lead her team through time to uncover the explanation for a colony planet's sudden and complete demise, including that of her dead husband. Despite challenges made to her academic integrity and emotional wellbeing, she pursues both her mission and the shadow of her lifelove, hoping that one will lead to another. In a spaceship in the far future, a female scientist tries to understand the alien plague that wiped a whole colony planet, including her late husband and research partner. As she travels through the records of time, she also chases after the footsteps of her lifelove in hopes that they'll help solve her mystery and heal her grieving heart.

In the near-future, hidden somewhere in the United States, lies the Institute, a center designed to help queer citizens lead normal, heterosexual lives via simulated reality experiments. However, when two young male employees start to meet in secret, they begin to question their jobs, their ever-fading memories, and the oddly familiar identities of their subjects. In the near future of the United States lies the Institute, where queer citizens learn how to lead happy, heterosexual lives with AI. One male employee, though, is struggling with his subject, and when he and a male coworker meet in secret to plan strategies for conversion, an unexpected spark begins his questioning of his fading memory, the rules of their workplace, and the odd familiarity of his subject.

To cut costs during the mid-21st century financial crisis, a biotech company promising immortality disposed of some of its cryogenically preserved bodies. But one of its employees secretly held on to one of these bodies—a young woman who died of cancer in her twenties—and has been obsessed with taking care of her ever since.

A neuroscientist on the brink of a scientific breakthrough dies in a car crash. Yet her consciousness is still alive.