Short stories by Carlie St. George

Writer. Pop culture nerd. Californian. Feminist. Cisgender. Silly hat enthusiast. Board game fan. 30-something. Avid-but-distracted reader. Low Stakes Detective, most recent cases: The Mystery of The Missing Lipstick, Where Does Time Go, and What Is My Sexuality, Anyway? Clarion West 2012 graduate. Amateur poker player. Selfie apologist. Firm believer that any story can be improved by adding a murder mystery. May or may not descend from a long line of St. Georges devoted to secretly protecting dragons from mankind. Lover of clothes and books and sugar. Sidekick-in-waiting. She/her.

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A high school girl, the lone survivor of two massacres, skips town, believing herself cursed. But when she realizes her virginity and “Final Girl” status afford her protections, she resolves to hunt down serial killers before they claim their victims.