Short stories tagged with Abandonment

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When a man known as the Unmarried Mother enters a bar in 1970s New York, he gets roped into a time travel quest bent on recovering his long-lost child and finding his old lover.

A 13-year-old boy growing up in a Catholic orphanage in the slums of Bangkok learns that he is the final incarnation of the Hindu God Vishnu and must battle the dragon Jade to keep the world green.

A veterinarian uncovers the ugly truth about her employer, and the lines between man, woman, and beast blur as blood spills.

In a flood-ravaged world, a haughty man turns away beggars who, unlike him, failed to stock up before the dystopia, unless one man makes a request he’d never heard before: whiskey, please.

A sixteen year old albino girl who kills monsters with the guidance of an angel gets into a deadly riddle contest with a werewolf and ultimately betrays her angel to survive.

A backcountry guide in British Columbia generally turns a blind eye as his clientele traffic drugs into the United States — but he begins to realize that his newest clients are traveling with cargo far more dangerous than drugs.

After spending her life burning her written memories and deleting her own past to the point where her physical body is vanishing, a woman realizes that one of her lost memories may prevent a terrorist attack, and must try to remember all the lost pieces of her traumatic past.

A young anarchist woman married to a man with the same political views navigates the complexities of religion and forbidden attraction as she watches her friends' marriage collapse due to the wife's conversion to Christianity.

As an old woman revisits her family's quintessentially American history, she finds a way to respect and love her parents, despite the scandals and tragedies they endured.

After being put in a nursing home by her daughter, an elderly woman feels her family slipping away from her until it is too late for reconciliation.