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A 13-year-old boy growing up in a Catholic orphanage in the slums of Bangkok learns that he is the final incarnation of the Hindu God Vishnu and must battle the dragon Jade to keep the world green.

When a superhero gives up on humanity, the US president picks the first person the superhero saved--a young, wealthy, Black woman in LA--to try to talk him out of destroying the world. When the superhero reveals dark facts about his past, the woman finds all her pre-prepared arguments seem meaningless.

Kidnapped by a dimension-hopping assassin monk, a ten-year-old girl vows to become a great assassin under the monk's training so she can steal her own life back - but when she is required to assassinate a kind general she decides to risk everything to protect him.

A young girl suspects that she has a power ordained by God. When her mother comes to visit at her boarding school, the girl tries to use the powers to chastise her mother.

A teenager's genetically determined superpowers earn him a position in a teen superhero squad, but as the only person of color, he begins to feel ostracized and wonders whether his efforts will ever truly be recognized.

Ben learns that one of his followers was hurt while cleaning up pollution in the River. Unfortunately, the boy is contaminated by some waste and Ben needs the help of the lovely Ife and her water-healing abilities to help him.

A Jinn who works as a rideshare driver to maintain independence from his possibly-evil father finds his resolution against using magic put to the test when his latest client turns out to be a magical terrorist.