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After the deaths of his parents, an enslaved man seeks the guidance of his elderly neighbor. She reveals his family history, and he discovers his undeniable yearning for freedom.

Two male college students go to a party to look for a simple hook up, but the two women they find offer them much more.

When a teacher with the power to lock evil spirits into concrete forms accidentally manifests a spirit in the form of a nest of bees who see the teacher as their queen, she must use her status to protect her beloved students.

An amnesiac black girl is trapped, working in a mysterious, fantastical garden owned by a white beekeeper, and must listen to the flowers in the garden in order to regain her memory so that she may escape.

In an alternate America, white people allow demons to possess them in order to help them keep Black people out of their communities. A reporter researches a famous exorcist and activist, recording his last heroic act against a town full of demons.

A Black man survives a train crash that he caused, and thinks back on the mysterious stranger who revealed his true heritage to him: he is a shoggoth, a slave of the Elder Things, and in causing the crash he has set himself free.

A Jinn who works as a rideshare driver to maintain independence from his possibly-evil father finds his resolution against using magic put to the test when his latest client turns out to be a magical terrorist.