Short stories published in Apex Magazine

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When a pop star whose music has a supernatural effect on her fans turns up dead, a documentary filmmaker interviews those who knew her to try to understand her downfall. Though she was an addict and accused of witchcraft by religious zealots, the singer’s ultimate undoing comes in the form of a forbidden romance.

A young girl inherits the family ability to interpret people’s dreams, but unwilling to take it over she never learns from the people who came before her, leading to a series of misfortunes.

A boy visits the Ulysses County library seeking books that allow him to escape into distant worlds. As the witch-librarian chooses stories for him and senses him becoming more and more desperate, she eventually lends him a book that literally allows him to leave his world.

A Black foster teenager looks for escape from his life through books he borrows at a library. A witch-librarian guides his selections along the way, and ultimately gives him an off-limits book to help him literally escape the world.

After a woman's paleontologist fiancé is attacked by five men in a bar and hospitalized, she imagines how their lives might have gone differently—if her fiancé were a dinosaur.

An aging woman takes care of her grandson's latest infatuation: a mystical woman-rabbit creature trying to get home.

When a teacher with the power to lock evil spirits into concrete forms accidentally manifests a spirit in the form of a nest of bees who see the teacher as their queen, she must use her status to protect her beloved students.

In a resettlement community on Mars, a gay Palestinian man drinks away his troubles. But when his brother arrives on the planet and offers to bring him home, the man must decide if he can face his past–and stay sober.

An assassin begins to question the king's authority after they are forced to kill someone innocent. The assassin must decide if they will still protect the king, who is their brother, against a legendary murderer of royal figures.

A librarian's apprentice copies down the contents of a strange green book which contains the trapped soul of a dead woman.