Short stories tagged with Second Person POV.

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In present-day New York City, a strained lawyer writes to a stranger, an eating disorder doctor, in hopes of confronting the man about an overheard phone conversation.

In the near future, a 33-year-old American woman infiltrates a terrorist network in the Mediterranean. Posing as harmless arm candy, she uses her cyborg implants to procure classified information, all the while struggling to evade suspicion.

In the present day, an eccentric elderly docent leads a group of tourists through the Lee Chapel in Lexington City, Virginia, treating them to a vibrant speech blended with historical curios and an ounce of information about her own life.

Through a confronting use of second-person, four haunted houses are hypothesized, each worse than the last, and ending with the most terrifying picture of all: dark reality in suburbia.

An innocent introductory French course called la Muerte teaches vocabulary, by describing a typical farm until the farmer disappears.

When a washed-up, middle-aged actor famous for portraying a vampire travels to Florida to proclaim his love to his co-star and best friend, he tells a story about a haunted bungalow that causes the horrible secrets of their past to resurface.

After a woman's paleontologist fiancé is attacked by five men in a bar and hospitalized, she imagines how their lives might have gone differently—if her fiancé were a dinosaur.

An eerie description of characteristic fairy tale elements and how they are embodied in characters.

An immortal vampire learns that when you depend on drinking the blood of others to live, loneliness is inescapable.

After being abandoned at a young age, a woman tracks down her long-lost mother in a small town in America, where she watches her from a distance. The woman follows her mother as she goes about her daily routine, hoping to build up the courage to finally connect with her after thirty-one years.