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In an old family house in Maine, the family patriarch announces his death the same day that his granddaughter is to be married. His grandson is named the sole heir, and conflict ensues.

Americans attend a French wedding, uncovering the history of German occupants, a French cook, and American soldiers.

A young woman descends into the Underworld to wed Hades in hopes of avenging the murder of a friend by a tyrannical ruler.

On the day of her wedding, a woman finds that she detests all of her guests and wishes she could be free of her current life.

On her drive to her hometown in Georgia, a medical student contemplates the recent death of her reckless friend and picks up a stranger with a cast on the side of the road.

A young bachelor attends his friend's wedding, and the friend tells him he needs to grow up and behave. The young man tries to behave for his friend, but the problem is that he is so stoned he has forgotten his name.

After a woman's paleontologist fiancé is attacked by five men in a bar and hospitalized, she imagines how their lives might have gone differently—if her fiancé were a dinosaur.

A father has failed his son and daughter multiple times. However, on his death bed, the father is determined to have her daughter be married, despite the daughter's fiancé continually postponing the wedding.

After an elementary school art teacher's fiancé breaks up with her and calls off the wedding, the Yale graduate gets fired from her job and begins babysitting one of her former first graders.

After a groom leaves town the night before his wedding, the bride-to-be embarks on a road trip, only to find him with one of her absentee fiancé's female friends.