Short stories tagged with Sacrifice

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In a retelling of the story of Helen of Troy from the Iliad, King Agamemnon's daughter grapples with rage and sorrow when her father agrees to sacrifice her to appease the gods.

In the far future, a selfless woman helps a wary man flee from a destroyed Earth to the world beyond the solar system.

A few men gather in a small house to discuss what makes humanity unique as compared to the rest of nature.

A man resents his younger brother for having an easier life and more love from their friends and family, even as he desperately tries to win that adoration for himself.

A young woman is returning to her husband and parents in New York, after having left her husband for a brief affair. As her father drives her home and reminisces on the hard work it took to build a life at their farmhouse, she learns that he hasn't told anyone else she's coming home.

A young boy living with his aunt and uncle, who are immigrants from Russia, watches as his family slips into poverty during the Great Depression.

Torn between her perfectly nice husband and her own career, a young woman must decide how much she's willing to sacrifice for the life she wants.

A young woman descends into the Underworld to wed Hades in hopes of avenging the murder of a friend by a tyrannical ruler.

In 1950s New York, a world-renowned female pianist develops a mysterious condition that leaves her unable to play. Forced to confront her unhappiness, she decides to rent a studio at Carnegie Hall to sort out her failing marriage and career.

After working for four years as a chef who serves the meat of Gods to an evil council of spirits, Hark begins to regain hope in humanity and must consider the danger he is about to inflict on the world.