Short stories published in 1917

Listing 16 stories.

After a Hispanic shop owner witnesses an act of infidelity, the husband of the cheating wife kills her in what he believes to be an act of honor.

A few men gather in a small house to discuss what makes humanity unique as compared to the rest of nature.

A soldier stumbles to the doorstep of a friend in Paris after World War II, begging to tell the story of his lost comrade to anyone who will listen.

A rambunctious teenager with an inquisitive mind causes much grief for all his New England family and neighbors when he visits them in the summer of 1914, on the eve of World War I.

A quiet gardener and shopkeeper defies her town's cruel gossips to shelter a destitute young woman.

A talented lower class painter strikes a horrible deal with a popular, untalented nobleman - his masterpieces will receive the adoration they deserve, under another man's name.

After sending her grandson off to war, an old woman helps the ghosts of past battles on their way to help America in the new war, World War I.

A publisher who once gave his job to a young man he believed to be starving confronts the now-pretentious writer who never thanked him for it.

A man in a hospital in Myanmar tells his nurse the story of how he was cursed for falling in love with an attractive woman who is guarded by a giant snake.

A team of workers hear a train whistle everyday on the job and speculate who is sounding the repetitive code.