Short stories tagged with Suspicion

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When an impoverished man shows up to a wealthy woman's door in dire need of help, she gives him ten dollars and tries to send him on his way. The man insists that he return the next day to thank her husband for the money, but she isn't quite sure if things are as they seem.

After a young woman receives a secret message from a flying saucer, she refuses to reveal it and suffers as a social outcast.

After a Hispanic shop owner witnesses an act of infidelity, the husband of the cheating wife kills her in what he believes to be an act of honor.

An American couple’s dislike of their German neighbors escalates into suspicion when World War II begins across the sea.

When a modern man sitting in Lagos traffic receives an email from his ex-lover of lifetimes ago, he reevaluates the facts of his prosperous but ultimately empty life.

A woman recalls the terrifying ventriloquist dummies her father made when she was a child and how she destroys them in order to save her mother.

A driver in West Virginia suddenly encounters an older man standing in the middle of the road and agrees to take him to his destination. Though the driver judges the man for his weary appearance, the older man reveals to the driver his life's regrets.

A man moving to San Francisco finds himself dragged into conversation with his neighbor on the plane, a woman who is fleeing New Jersey after her affair with her sister's husband.

A town has frequent visits from phantom apparitions, and the townspeople have many explanations for the ghosts, ranging from disbelief to hallucination to the idea that humans and phantoms were once a single race.

A man of mysterious origins comes under suspicion in a French village when the outbreak of WWII throws his allegiance into question and a death occurs on the grounds of his hotel.