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A Vietnamese near-centenarian living in New Orleans reminisces on wars he experienced, ideas he held, and countries he saw during the 20th century with the help of the ghost of an old friend: Ho Chi Minh.

A solitary young hotel clerk finds himself enticed by a mysterious, sophisticated writer. Both desire intimacy, but find their romance obstructed by unspeakable kinds of loneliness.

Guided by the spirit of an ancient queen, a lonely hotel IT manager brings together an unlikely group of individuals to eventually bring about her reincarnation as a mystical kharchal.

After Anton Chekhov's slow death from tuberculosis, his wife Olga sends a hotel-boy on an important errand to ensure that no attention is called to the death of the famous Russian playwright.

After suffering a miscarriage with her husband of three years, a hotel housekeeper takes a leap of faith and sojourns with a hotel guest to Galicia amidst separatist violence in contemporary Spain. They spend a passionate and hallucinatory day together and end up in another hotel room.

After a wedding in Ohio, a famous musician accidentally gets mixed up in a murder at the hotel.

A Midwestern woman reflects on a past heartbreak from 1993 that led her to check into a tacky hotel, drink her worries away, seduce a married late-night radio talk show host, and doubtfully come to a personal realization.

An American couple vacationing in Tobago in the 1960s is shocked when their racist host has a different understanding of hospitality than they expect.

A man of mysterious origins comes under suspicion in a French village when the outbreak of WWII throws his allegiance into question and a death occurs on the grounds of his hotel.

In a contemporary American city, a young artist’s affair with a wealthy older man who acts as her sugar daddy leaves her trapped in a pernicious cycle of shame.