Short stories tagged with Miscarriage

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A man takes his four-year-old son to a pumpkin patch, where they encounter another father-son duo.

Family difficulties force a young girl to live with her lonely aunt in the city. As worsening circumstances bring their relationship to a boil, a new friendship brings her unexpected solace.

When a young adult accompanies her avoidant mother to a mammogram appointment during a visit to her suburban hometown, she receives terrible news that throws her identity in flux.

After suffering a miscarriage with her husband of three years, a hotel housekeeper takes a leap of faith and sojourns with a hotel guest to Galicia amidst separatist violence in contemporary Spain. They spend a passionate and hallucinatory day together and end up in another hotel room.

A Korean-American immigrant and her husband struggle to process a miscarriage.

A London widow tells her employer the story of how she met her husband and how he died in the war. When she visits a war memorial for her husband and others who died in battle, she has a run in with local police and reporters that makes her thankful for what she has.

A newly married man is neglecting his wife in favor of his job, which is landing the first man on the moon

After his grandson’s estranged mother comes back to town, a man must struggle with his long-held sexual attraction for the woman, his son’s ex-girlfriend.

In a wild west boardinghouse, a young woman nurses an injured miner back to health while she reflects on her past relationships with men.

A privileged young woman from New England falls in love with a practical Midwesterner, but can their love withstand the grief of losing a child?