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A seventy-something-year-old woman dutifully visits her husband's grave only to realize that she contributed to the unhappiness of her marriage by letting her husband die lonely and unwanted.

Forced to relive her plunge from the North Tower again and again in the afterlife, a victim of the September 11 terrorist attacks in New York City looks for a way to end her horrific cycle of death.

A London widow tells her employer the story of how she met her husband and how he died in the war. When she visits a war memorial for her husband and others who died in battle, she has a run in with local police and reporters that makes her thankful for what she has.

A young boy lives with his parents, former Libyan aristocrats exiles, in Cairo. Before, during, and after his mother's death he finds comfort in Naima, the family's maid with whom he shares a closer relationship than he does with his parents.

When a professor of French literature attends a tribute event in New York City for her old playwriting teacher, she remembers how young she was when their unconventional relationship transpired.