Short stories tagged with Regret

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A lost man finds his way back to his family after realizing he does not truly wish to be alone.

An American continues to run into another American on their trips around Europe and the Mediterranean.

An investment banker dies of colon cancer, only to find himself in a messy office with a man who claims to have met him many times before — and who tells the banker that he can choose either to relive his life from start to finish, or to end his existence for good.

After a middle-aged murderess is pardoned and released from prison early, she goes to live with a friend in Wisconsin who helps her begin her new life, until the local doctor shows interest in the murderess and threatens to come between the two women.

In the far future, an invention called "the prism" uses quantum mechanics to cause divergences in future timelines and create a means of communication across these alternate realities. Two different women explore the choices they have made in their own lives and the regrets they harbor--and have to figure out how to ultimately make peace with their decisions.

A middle-aged woman visits the house of her ex-husband and his new wife to reunite with her son after his trip abroad. She tries to remain courteous, but when her ex-husband appears aged and unhappy, she can't help but think of it as his revenge.

A seventy-something-year-old woman dutifully visits her husband's grave only to realize that she contributed to the unhappiness of her marriage by letting her husband die lonely and unwanted.

A young mobster boy is brought in for questioning after he stabs an elderly man, and desperately wants to be taken seriously by the Chicago police officers.

A couple attends the show of a marvelous, sensuous, and regal African American singer in Paris. The wife of the couple finds herself struggling for a grip as the pleasure of seeing this performer infiltrates her fortress of restraint.

A man working at a communications community wants a new job. His coworker promises him one, so long as the man helps to hide human body parts.