Short stories published in 1929

Listing 20 stories.

An American continues to run into another American on their trips around Europe and the Mediterranean.

A mother sends her young daughters to buy sugar, but to her great disdain, they end up playing with it.

An overprotective mother attempts to get her teenage daughter to tell her why she is so upset. In an erratic and panicked conversation, the daughter reveals an unimaginable problem they must tackle together.

An American writer listens as the father of his friend tells the story of a writer he met in Paris many years ago who was tortured and taunted by Parisian aristocrats until he's driven mad.

In early America, a white father discovers a community of refugee Native Americans has taken up residence in his old home; rather than asking them to leave, he invites them to stay and break bread with him and his son.

As a woman grows older, she falls into a deep sadness while the men around her constantly tell her to cheer up.

In the post-WW1 streets of Paris, a jilted lover tries to get revenge, thwarted at every turn by two bumbling Americans.

Three boys rent a canoe in Iowa and spend the day riding down a river. As the long and strenuous journey stretches into the night, their friendship, trust, and determination are tested.

A young girl spends her summer mostly alone, weaving in and out of the townspeople's lives and fantasizing about princesses and fairy godmothers

An American woman and man visiting France criticize the French people and culture, revealing their ignorance and disregard even as they delight in the fun their unusual group of friends is having.