Short stories tagged with Masculinity

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In early America, a white father discovers a community of refugee Native Americans has taken up residence in his old home; rather than asking them to leave, he invites them to stay and break bread with him and his son.

At a North American winter resort, an arthritic old man challenges a pair of young men to a series of physical challenges to prove that, despite his age and illness, he is still strong.

With a fresh fade and new Jordans, a teenage boy hopes his new look will impress his crush, but worries that their differences are too extreme.

A teenager joins the Marines and goes to Quantico for training, but it is not longer before he starts to wonder whether he can endure the physical and mental challenges he faces there.

A young man who went broke moves back to Chicago and lives in his aunt's basement. Meanwhile, he becomes a roofer where he is exposed to a spectrum of poverty, racism, and power among his colleagues.

A man reflects on a goose-hunting trip with his mother and her then-boyfriend when he was 16, contemplating how the venture impacted his own philosophies, as well as his relationship with his mother.

A Navy SEAL in Afghanistan asks the Virgin Mary for a miracle out on the battlefield.

On a doe hunting trip with her father and two other men in a forest in the Northern US, a nine-year-old girl reckons with her gender identity.

A father contemplates whether he should kiss his son on the lips when saying good night.

A father who watches his Portuguese neighbors become blessed by material gifts after the death of their father contemplates his own uselessness and begins to believe that his family would be better off without him.