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A weary medical officer struggles to keep watch during the night shift in a naval prison hospital, even as the prisoners begin to cause trouble.

A squirrel monkey defeats the competition and fulfills her dream of becoming an astronaut. Based on the true story of Miss Baker, one of the first animals to be launched into space in 1959.

A Navy SEAL in Afghanistan asks the Virgin Mary for a miracle out on the battlefield.

When a Southern ex-Navy soldier turned farmhand from Alabama begins to feel hopeless about his relationship with his wife, he decides that getting a religious tattoo on his back will solve all his marital problems.

Aboard a Royal Navy submarine stationed in the Indian Ocean during World War 2, a group of sailors spend most of their days writing letters. When the captain chooses to fire at enemy ships, possibly disclosing their location, the men reckon with their proximity to death.

A vacant position for the barber on a Navy ship is filled by an unlikely underdog whose small shop becomes the heart of the ship.

When a Navy trainee's girlfriend of a few months gets pregnant, he must decide what he wants out of life.

A thirteen year old boy's grandfather tells his harrowing wartime story once again--this time in the darkness of his closet.

An instructor for the Navy helps one of his students — a young, lonely, and drunk man who already has the Purple Heart — and subsequently feels less bad about his own loneliness and insecurity.

In 1749, a 12 year-old girl must prevent her brother from selling their beloved home in woody Northern Manhattan, and she seeks help from a nearby witch.