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A group of young Black women known as the "Furious Girls" are ostracized by their town because of their often destructive ability to create fire. However, when a natural disaster looms over the town, the girls must return to save the people they love.

As a pandemic sweeps across the nation, a grandmother and her family ration space and food as best they can, until the grandmother makes a discovery that could extend their food stores and repair her broken relationship with her granddaughter.

A woman from Wyoming befriends a couple, but when she has an accident on a ski trip with them, she realizes they are not who they say they are.

In an apocalyptic world where a beast-god threatens the survival of the six remaining human colonies, a teenage girl tasked with destroying the beast-god revolts against her commanders.

A vacant position for the barber on a Navy ship is filled by an unlikely underdog whose small shop becomes the heart of the ship.

A troll punished with guarding a demonic gate under a bridge in Alabama shows unexpected kindness to a homeless family, earning redemption from his past sins when the family turns out to be supernatural beings in disguise.

An elderly bus driver is asked by his students what a Christmas miracle is. The bus driver remembers a traumatic Christmas, and a Christmas miracle happens on the bus that saves the children's lives.