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When a young man graduates college and inherits money from his grandfather, he decides to move to France for a year, hoping to feel more at home than he ever did in Chicago.

A woman's complicated relationship to her mother is captured in three vignettes: one from directly after her death, one from when she is still alive, and one from years after she is gone.

In English countryside, a brother and sister prepare to have dinner with an old friend they were both in love with fifteen years ago.

A writer is shocked when his retired father begins to publish stories. The man struggles to admit that his father is a talented writer, especially since the stories are based on events from the man's childhood.

A young man has been experiencing intense hallucinations for most of his life. When one of his nightmares begins to seem a little too real, he realizes there may be an explanation for these experiences, and it may have something to do with his mother's death.

On the day of her mother's funeral, a young woman reminisces about the summers during her childhood spent with her family and friends at their lakeside cabin. As she considers her parents' nontraditional relationship, she also wonders about her own love life.

In this modern-day fairy tale, a young female protagonist butts heads with her overly-protective and potentially magically-endowed mother. As she grows up and has children of her own, she begins to understand the lengths that mothers will go to protect their daughters and younger selves.

A young girl is brought by her sick mother to the home of a small family with a girl her age. The girls are raised together as cousins and attend Catholic school, but, when they are older, the orphaned girl moves to New York to pursue a career as a performer. The daughter, now a young woman, often sneaks away to visit her cousin in New York and witness her dramatic, whirlwind lifestyle.

In Vietnam War-era America, a young boy fills his days playing a “game” in which he reenacts his father’s battlefield death in Vietnam. But fun and games soon put his loved ones in real danger.

A boy impresses an eccentric music teacher with his love for music, but only one girl in his class understands that at the root of this love is his desperation to reach his absentee father.