Short stories tagged with Relationship Drama

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Two Chicago architects work on a memorial for a bombing in St. Louis as their marriage falls apart.

A woman falls in love and gets married to a kind doctor, but on the couple's trip to Prague, their relationship takes a turn when the woman begins to hear voices and prophecies.

A young librarian with two dead parents moves across the country and meets an idealistic but shallow man. When their relationship falls apart, he urges her to give more of herself to the community, ignorant of the ways in which she's had to give so much away already.

A man reflects on his childhood growing up in Memphis during the Great Depression, specifically his relationship with his best friend. As he remembers his friend's odd relationship with his family, unusual approach to romance, and alluring charm, he begins to realize how different they were and still are.

When a man's son visits with his new girlfriend, the father worries that she is only interested in the grand house and family money. The father knows he should not intervene in his son's relationship, but the more time he spends with them, the more he dislikes her and the more difficult it gets to stay quiet.

A young California-based sculptor has it all: a supportive girlfriend, a promising sculpture, and an optimistic vision of the future. But when problems arise and the artist is forced to adapt, he risks losing it all.

A young girl is brought by her sick mother to the home of a small family with a girl her age. The girls are raised together as cousins and attend Catholic school, but, when they are older, the orphaned girl moves to New York to pursue a career as a performer. The daughter, now a young woman, often sneaks away to visit her cousin in New York and witness her dramatic, whirlwind lifestyle.

The secret to immortality keeps one of the greatest portraitists of all time alive, but at the cost of her art and love.

A college student becomes infatuated with a classmate who is engaged to her long-distance-boyfriend. The romantic rollercoaster affects the ways he sees the world for years to come.

A new couple from NYC goes on a weekend retreat to Vermont and must navigate power dynamics in their sex and in their relationship.