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Two Chicago architects work on a memorial for a bombing in St. Louis as their marriage falls apart.

After 300,000 teens and young adults commit mass suicide, a student pursuing their PhD investigates what caused the Year of Suicide, forcing them to relive their trauma and navigate the process of healing from so much death.

After a death in the family, a son travels with his father to his rural Mexican hometown to settle the estate. The town is littered with all the abandoned houses, roads, and people left behind that didn't migrate to big cities; a fate which his father fears will be his if he does not immigrate to California like his brother.

An archaeology professor tries to infiltrate a burial site in Ireland, following a rumor that light will unlock the crypt's secrets. The spirits inhabiting the site panic over his arrival, as they have not made contact with humans in a century.

Short bursts of inexplicable silence envelope an unnamed city and its residents, inspiring self-reflection and—much to their surprise—contentment.