Short stories tagged with Afterlife

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All the boys on a street in Nigeria are killed in slow succession by a perplexing and inescapable fever. The family of one boy struggles to find a way to save him from his fate.

After his death, a Judge converses with an old friend and a philosopher about the reality of an afterlife and grapples with the idea of regaining people he’s missed his entire life.

Even as he roams as a ghost, a former slave owner rejects the reality of his afterlife, but cannot hide his immense gratitude for his fiercely loyal servant, Sam, who is also undead.

Two men, who are both missing loved ones, need to uncover the supernatural goings-on at a spelunking site where their companions were last seen.

In an eccentric take on the afterlife, a recently deceased man in his mid-20s reminisces on his life and marriage--two things he gradually learns were more complicated than he initially assumed.

On the verge of suicide, a man is presented with an otherworldly spear that enables him to exact swift revenge on his enemies—but he can’t help getting “in his head” about it.

The characters found in jokes are forced to act out the jokes every time they are told.

A bounty hunter roaming the Texan and Mexican deserts meets a mysterious old man who saves him from his own hubris.

When a distant relative dies, a professor receives cryptic messages from an elusive stranger.

Two sisters trick audiences nationwide with fake ghosts and a blissful afterlife known as Summerland to hide the truth - they've seen the other side of death, and it's full of violent monsters waiting to escape.