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When his neighbor dies, a 12-year-old Black boy takes over her house, only to find himself at the center of a war between rival gangs and an uncontrollable hustle.

The investigation of a Black teenager's suspicious murder leads a private investigator into a web of mafia conspiracies, corporate cover-ups, and a quest to expose environmental racism.

A Black teenager from a wealthy family spends her life being told whom she should talk to and whom she should not. When she starts to see a boy from the wrong side of town, she realizes how wrong her preconceived notions were.

A bounty hunter roaming the Texan and Mexican deserts meets a mysterious old man who saves him from his own hubris.

In the near future, two brothers seek to fix a courier delivery gone wrong - the package turns out to be a deadly virus designed to eradicate 'The Pit,' which is not only the place they live, but also a living organism.

A mysterious bounty hunter looks for a young woman, as she has important yet mysterious cargo that can give a great amount of power to whoever wields it. The bounty hunter, however, is not looking to kill her, but to protect her.

When a young man attempts to prove himself to a gang he wants to join by stealing money from a local bar, he fails miserably multiple times and ends up involving other men in his failures.

Two detectives investigate an unusual murder scene that replicates a Renaissance painting.

A gang holds up a Mexican bar after an American man seeks their help in the search of his missing friend and wife, but the situation quickly turns violent.

A detective finds a large mass of severed body parts, and sets to figure out the identity of the killer and their motives before they strike again.