Short stories tagged with Mysterious Ending

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After her husband goes missing, a young mother assumes he's been deported and decides she must find work of her own.

A New York-based family of four, distracted by their own minor inconveniences in life, ignore much more dire situations in the world around them.

Sitting on a plane headed for Cincinnati, a man meets a woman who reminds him of a girl he once knew, and the worst thing he's ever done.

Five days after moving to the quiet town of Manacle, Arizona, a married couple learns of the curse on the town: if you do anyone a favor, they will turn against you.

A mysterious orchestra conductor who has grown a tail generates intrigue among members of New York's high society and captures the attention of a princess.

Gloria, a young woman with a fatal cancer, visits her eccentric friend and her equally strange daughter, but her plans are thrown off course when the daughter asks Gloria to kidnap her.

A mysterious bounty hunter looks for a young woman, as she has important yet mysterious cargo that can give a great amount of power to whoever wields it. The bounty hunter, however, is not looking to kill her, but to protect her.

A couple of old folks retired in a North Carolina countryside have their idyllic lives interrupted by unwelcome guests from the bottom of the hill—two lower class men who are looking to take what they feel is rightly theirs.

After a chance encounter with a mysterious teenage girl, a lonely woman gets pulled into the girl's sinister family drama.

After the death of his wife, a professor returns to New York to attend to neglected affairs but finds that he cannot remember anything or keep track of any of his belongings.