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During a violent snowstorm in Iowa, a train carrying a traveling salesman, a railroad worker, and a family of five takes a desperate detour to Carthage. When the passengers arrive, the station is a mess and the agent is dead, but they must work together to welcome a new life amidst the deathly circumstances.

An overprotective mother attempts to get her teenage daughter to tell her why she is so upset. In an erratic and panicked conversation, the daughter reveals an unimaginable problem they must tackle together.

After the new boy at the circus falls to his death while attempting a trick, his higher-ups wrestle with guilt at the accident and try to escape taking responsibility.

While conducting research in the remote country of Keteng, a Stanford grad student hears that another American has entered the country and is challenging the power structures in place.

On a vacation to the mountains of Colorado, a young boy tries to have fun climbing with his sister but instead learns of the growing rift of discontentment between his parents.

While driving a heart transplant to a patient on the verge of death, a man reflects on his past and the importance of his work.

Grateful to have a reason to escape the brutality of war, an injured American soldier is happy to be in the care of nurses and medics. Unfortunately, the doctor's decision leaves him grappling for reasons to keep fighting.

A U.S. squadron deployed in Afghanistan during the War on Terror is followed by a mysterious Afghan boy with a personal connection to one of the soldiers.

When a friend's wedding forces her to reunite with both a past flame and her former abuser, a young woman must confront some old wounds.

A seasoned dentist meets his most difficult patient yet — a young man with mouth full of cavities who refuses anesthesia.