Short stories published in 1972

Listing 26 stories.

A woman looks for a place to live in a town entirely comprised of churches, (but discovers...)

A newscaster recently arrived in space receives ominous advice from a jaded engineer: whatever you do, leave space because getting attracted to aliens will be the death of us all.

When an officer in the State Department is sent to work as a diplomat for the CIA, he must balance the fate of other nations and politicians with his own interests and career goals.

Two jobless Harvard graduates who mostly read Marx and do acid reckon with the changing times since their days of revelry at university.

A surly seaman on leave from his tanker, the Tanner Compton, roams a forrest and finds an unexpected friend in a young local girl.

Two men with very different roots meet through their work in an Oregon Cannery and decide to buy a fishing boat together. After their first boat capsizes, the two split up for a while, until loneliness brings them back together to try to fish again.

In a future where humanity is controlled by a massive computer called SUM, a man asks SUM to resurrect his dead lover. However, there is a price to pay for such a request.

A twice widowed and retired sexton tries to convince his daughter to turn away from her life of prostitution.

Grateful to have a reason to escape the brutality of war, an injured American soldier is happy to be in the care of nurses and medics. Unfortunately, the doctor's decision leaves him grappling for reasons to keep fighting.

Two middle aged and unmarried women living in New York City together, after a vicious and petty fight, discover the importance of their friendship.