Short stories published in The Massachusetts Review

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An old woman experiences several blackouts as she approaches death.

An Algerian university professor and former prisoner of France struggles with the symbolic implications of getting advice from an elite French visiting professor.

In the early 1970s, a listless radical must decide what to do with his life as his social circle of grassroots activists dwindles.

Americans attend a French wedding, uncovering the history of German occupants, a French cook, and American soldiers.

Grateful to have a reason to escape the brutality of war, an injured American soldier is happy to be in the care of nurses and medics. Unfortunately, the doctor's decision leaves him grappling for reasons to keep fighting.

A depressed and suicidal middle-aged woman is about to take her own life — when vacuum cleaner salesmen come knocking on her door. Before long, she finds herself knee-deep in a thrilling affair.

A mother struggles to come to terms with her son's mental illness, and begins to realize how poorly society treats people like him.

A young college student makes a devastating choice after she is sexually assaulted.

A middle-aged writer attends a friend's party while his wife is away with the children, but he struggles to enjoy his time as he finds himself caught uncomfortably in the middle of the arguments, declarations of love, and existential crises of the other guests.

When an upstart young man dreams of bigger things than his job at the local mine, he finds his connection between his father and his best friend in peril.