Short stories tagged with Possession

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The youngest sister of three gives a future king a prophetic warning and must face a village that believes she is an evil witch.

An old woman experiences several blackouts as she approaches death.

A mystical woman provides a refuge for families in their caravans for the night but is often haunted by her past and regrets. One day, a family that stays the night becomes caught in the whirlwind of dangerous magic and threatens to break the peace between the other mythical landlords of the area.

Two brothers set out in the rural midwest to discover the fate of their grandfather who went missing fifty years prior, leaving behind only an enigmatic 'song' and a photo of an unidentified woman.

A preacher is welcomed into a farming couple's cabin and performs an exorcism on their son.

After a mother is brought back from the dead by a group of young Korean adoptees, she possesses them each and tries to make them better people.

Two sisters trick audiences nationwide with fake ghosts and a blissful afterlife known as Summerland to hide the truth - they've seen the other side of death, and it's full of violent monsters waiting to escape.

A filmmaker and his companion interview an old movie star, only to be caught in the middle of a conspiracy theory about her most famous scene.

A blizzard strikes a tiny Canadian town of Dene and Inuit, trapping the locals with their unexpected guest - and the violent Wendigo spirit possessing him.

A Black poet living in an old plantation house struggles to maintain control of her mind by writing the stories of her ancestors. When one of those ancestors begins possessing her and forcing her to kill as punishment, she must choose between continuing to document their stories or being silenced forever.