Short stories tagged with Prophecy

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The youngest sister of three gives a future king a prophetic warning and must face a village that believes she is an evil witch.

Against a backdrop of modern-day city life, a new Islamic mother navigates the complexities of her love life, as she cheats on her fiancée-then-husband with another man, who ends up being the father of her children. She admits to loving both men, and struggles to balance her family life with the need to be with her true love.

A pair of royal dragon siblings, one of whom is a general and the other a prophet, reflect on their lives and prepare to fight the humans who come to kill them.

When a teenage girl discovers that she holds the prophesied power to overturn the balance between vampires and humans, both species struggle to get hold of her first.

A middle-aged man wins a free trip to Ireland, but soon realizes it was orchestrated by someone from his past who forces him to complete a strange mission.

A princess prophecied to bring about the downfall of her father, the king, must endure years of hardship and risk everything to be with her one true love.

A young girl waits patiently to be allowed back into an alternate universe, where she has been prophesied to resolve an ancient war.

In a post-apocalyptic future, a woman in prison awaits her punishment, where she will be cast out of her community and into the mysterious world above. Though she is sure the process will kill her, when her mother reminds her of the prophecy that her people will reunite with survivors in the world above, she begins to feel a glimmer of hope.

Inspired by the I-Ching prophecies, two men kidnap a young boy and travel across the United States to wait for their reward.

In the late 20th century, a women riding a train from Boston to Chicago encounters a stranger who works as a phone psychic. While waiting for the train to keep moving after an unfortunate accident, he tells her a chilling prophecy.