Short stories tagged with Destiny

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A teenage girl’s life changes in the course of one night when she meets her attractive vampire protector and is charged with saving the world.

After listening to advice from a psychic, a struggling artist visits her aunt with dementia and tries to understand the meaning behind her seemingly meaningless words and how they will affect her life.

A pair of royal dragon siblings, one of whom is a general and the other a prophet, reflect on their lives and prepare to fight the humans who come to kill them.

A woman has desired to become a nun since she was young, and nothing deters her until she must choose between her dream and the love of her life.

When a teenage girl discovers that she holds the prophesied power to overturn the balance between vampires and humans, both species struggle to get hold of her first.

When a strange boy arrives in her small town of Little Nova to live with the local Hmong shaman, a young girl thinks she might finally have a friend to confide in. After the boy gets a mysterious illness and other inexplicable things start to happen around them, the girl isn't so sure the stories she was told as a child are just stories after all.