Short stories tagged with Evil

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A teenage girl’s life changes in the course of one night when she meets her attractive vampire protector and is charged with saving the world.

When his attempt at religious repentance fails, a troubled teenage boy with a reputation for being a bad boy ends up taking a school prank too far.

A paralyzed elderly woman gets a new aid at the nursing home, a kind young woman who helps her when she must save herself and the other patients from a mysterious killer.

After a young woman inherits a mythical Caribbean trait from her bloodline, her grandmother must intervene to make sure she is not overcome by it.

A little girl tells the story of how her ceramic figurines come from glazing little people that live in the walls of all houses.

A half-blind, toothless addict befriends a talking cat--together they must escape their toxic surroundings.

In a rural Southern town, a reverend must decide whether he should baptize a man who murdered and abused his ex-wives in order to save a woman and her family from financial instability and uncertainty.

A carpenter in an alternate universe determined to do his job does not realize what he will have to give up for money. The monsters he once though were dangerous become his friends, and the people he works for become the monsters themselves.

A grandmother realizes the men in her family are dangerous and takes justice into her own hands.

Stranded on a ominous island and taken in by a lavishly rich gentleman, a celebrated hunter finally gets a taste of what it's like to be the prey.