Short stories tagged with Prayers

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A man finds God’s overcoat at a thrift shop, compelling him to do good for the people whose prayers land in his pockets.

When his attempt at religious repentance fails, a troubled teenage boy with a reputation for being a bad boy ends up taking a school prank too far.

After her daughter steals her necklace, a woman reacts with violence and reflects on unhappy moments with her daughter's father, now ex-husband.

Hog Hammond, head football coach at Mississippi Southern University, mulls feverishly over his life’s work and family history as he becomes more and more convinced his heart is giving out. Legacy football player and Mississippi Southern University head coach Hog Hammond starts feeling all-consuming pain swell in and out of body, his heart swilling and thrashing in waves of blood. Convinced he’s going to die; he speaks freely to his wife and family, asking the questions he’s always had for them.