Short stories published in 1979

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Protagonist Leo Gold attends the annual Anarchists’ Convention in New York City, a spectacle predictably filled with divisions and subcommittees and impassioned debates over topics as banal as the order of events and whether dinner should be self-serve. But when the hotel manager asks the party to vacate the room as previously booked, the group unites to build barricades and sing protest songs to defend their noble cause.

A somewhat estranged family grapples with the impending death of their mother.

In the 1980s, when one of the women in a New York female friend group is on the brink of death, her friends reflect on their children, particularly the ones who are gone, and their attachments to each other.

When loving each other becomes inconvenient, a man separates from his wife of 20 years and struggles to realize that the end of marriage must also bring an end to the life they were supposed to live together.

Hog Hammond, head football coach at Mississippi Southern University, mulls feverishly over his life’s work and family history as he becomes more and more convinced his heart is giving out. Legacy football player and Mississippi Southern University head coach Hog Hammond starts feeling all-consuming pain swell in and out of body, his heart swilling and thrashing in waves of blood. Convinced he’s going to die; he speaks freely to his wife and family, asking the questions he’s always had for them.

Based on a premonition, a man chooses not to board a flight. When the plane crashes, he is forced to admit that he is possibly psychic. His family life grows fraught with tension while he wrestles with survivor's guilt.

While he pens an excuse to withdraw from a community project, a biology professor reflects on other times he avoided confrontation and ruminates on unresolved dilemmas in his life.

A middle-aged white woman reflects on her youth during the 1970s and her experience as a hardcore fan of Elvis.

A man in a failing marriage embarks on yet another love affair with a married woman, teaching him about his own sexual escapist tendencies.

Facing two unwilling booksellers in a bankruptcy case, a lawyer is forced to reckon with arson and a faked death.