Short stories published in The North American Review

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An American art historian attends a diplomat's dinner in Amsterdam where a looming threat of a terrorist attack hangs over the evening.

Consumed in a disturbing relationship with an older woman, a girl from Ohio slips through the impoverished side of New York City in search of an experience that she thinks will make her a woman in what she knows is a man’s world.

In a 1960s American suburb, a father promises his three girls a family vacation for Christmas. As they find out months later, however, they won't be going to Disneyland—instead, they'll be spending two weeks in the bomb shelter beneath their backyard.

A man and his pregnant wife move from St. Louis to upstate Maine with their two boys. One Sunday, the man brings his two boys to the dockyard and must navigate how to parent as a working-class dad.

A Louisiana boy educated by God-fearing Catholics is taught to abstain from masturbation and rather think of it as self-harm. Instead, he sets out on a tumultuous relationship with his sexuality, and comes to question whether or not he truly agrees with the church's teachings about what is and is not sin.

Facing two unwilling booksellers in a bankruptcy case, a lawyer is forced to reckon with arson and a faked death.

Amidst an outbreak of child abductions across the country, two new parents with toddler twins grapple with growing paranoia and keeping their young boys safe, which begins to put a strain on their evolving marriage.

A poor man stows away on a train. While riding, another man joins and claims to be carrying a large amount of money. Despite his jealously, the poor man decides to help this strange man freeload on the train.

A single mother struggles to return to normal life after her only son gets married while receiving rude advice from her neighbor who claims she is only trying to help the mother out.

A woman becomes invested in the odd and exciting life of her coworker, a pregnant construction worker whose boyfriend has been in and out of state prison for over a decade. The boyfriend, a Native American living in North Dakota, escapes so often that the town's officers, at this point, usually just sigh and get drinks when they see him run. When it is time for the birth of his child, the boyfriend escapes from prison to meet his son, but the day does not go as planned.