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The males of a family and their neighbor set off to a nearby mountain during winter to retrieve a CAT rig in order to maintain their lumber business, but are forced to contest with extraordinary natural forces as they do so.

A father living alone at a horse stable in Massachusetts must reckon with his devotion to Catholicism when his only daughter is the driver in a hit and run.

A man in pursuit of gold comes to learn how an obsession with wealth can tear away all your meaningful connections.

While on a mission to retrieve his magical coat, a legend of the London Below gets captured by a long-time enemy and, in the face of death, is saved by his older brother. Shaken by this sudden encounter with his first-ever rival, the legend resumes his mission with renewed determination to be his own hero.

A Louisiana boy educated by God-fearing Catholics is taught to abstain from masturbation and rather think of it as self-harm. Instead, he sets out on a tumultuous relationship with his sexuality, and comes to question whether or not he truly agrees with the church's teachings about what is and is not sin.

An attorney general is thrust into a campaign for governor when an opposing candidate becomes popularized by a religious cult whose previous leader was recently murdered. The attorney general's task of winning over the masses becomes all the more difficult when his son-in-law confesses to the cult leader's murder.

A middle-aged man and his wife struggle to fight the cold, care for their kids, and maintain their marriage as they build a house on a ranch in Washington state during several years filled with set backs and heartache.

A store owner in Minneapolis tries to live his life as a good man, but when he's killed during a robbery, he comes to learn how spiteful God really is.

Two rich, arrogant men working in tech find themselves climbing Mount Everest. But as the dangers of the mountain, both natural and supernatural, encroach they must fight to survive.

A judge in Texas tries to get the signature of an undocumented Mexican immigrant, who goes to great lengths to avoid doing so due to his fear of the American legal system.