Short stories tagged with Attempted Murder

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In a society where Jesus clones are commonplace, a group of Jesus clones try to awaken their holy powers by attempting to kill a teenage girl and raise her from the dead.

A famous novelist drugs and kidnaps his ex-wife and former protégé. He attempts to murder her and frame another of his former protégés, a man he believes she is sleeping with.

In a futuristic world, an agent for a corrupt company disguises himself as a scientific reporter to infiltrate a research facility and kill the head of its program. When the agent discovers that the research facility is conducting revolutionary work, he must decide whether to destroy work that could help the human race or to obey orders.

While on a mission to retrieve his magical coat, a legend of the London Below gets captured by a long-time enemy and, in the face of death, is saved by his older brother. Shaken by this sudden encounter with his first-ever rival, the legend resumes his mission with renewed determination to be his own hero.

A group of children in a family lives with their grandmother, but she is mean and abusive. The children soon become tired of her abuse and plot to kill her in various ways, though the task is complicated by logistics.

An Ethiopian prince from AD 1148 travels the country developing groundbreaking technology with the help of a farmer's daughter, whom he soon falls in love with. When he eventually becomes king, he realizes it is not just his country that he must lead to prosperity but the entire planet.

After losing his young daughter, a middle aged former NSA agent very consciously moves through his own stages of grief.

In an alternate universe in 19th century Boston, a single mother commits an act of unnatural cruelty against her son. However, since women are invincible against a man's violence, the wife of an esteemed policeman takes on the task of executing her, only to have second thoughts in the cold gallows.

Four years after being fired from her secret-agent job training killers, a woman has built a new life for herself as a high school principle but retains old enemies. After an attempt on her life one morning, she learns the school's baseball coach has a similar past, and the two put their old skills to use in their new, mundane lives.

After World War II, as he skis in the mountains of Switzerland, a Jewish Frenchman recognizes a German man who once left him for dead in the snow as a child.