Short stories tagged with Kidnapping

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In present-day New York City, a young Colombian woman strikes up a friendship with an older Columbian man fleeing the memory of his kidnapping and subsequently finds relief from her own trauma.

After her identical twin goes missing in a small, suburban town, a sixteen-year-old girl reflects on her parents' crumbling marriage and muddles through life without her other half.

When a man known as the Unmarried Mother enters a bar in 1970s New York, he gets roped into a time travel quest bent on recovering his long-lost child and finding his old lover.

A young Arizonian boy is kidnapped twice: first, by his father during a custody battle, and second, by a prostitute with something to prove.

A destitute Pakistani man asks to work for a wealthy family in modern-day Pakistan. When he loses something that he values most, the man finally learns the brutal reality of his position in society.

When his unstable ex girlfriend shows up on his doorstep with a kidnapped baby, a young man must decide what to do with both the baby and the woman.

A brilliant and disgraced AI scientist must return to the institution that turned their backs on her to save the world from destruction by AI ships.

Altagracia, a middle schooler from Mexico, is cruelly and suddenly stolen from her home and trafficked to the United States. At the first chance she gets, she runs as fast as she can.

A famous novelist drugs and kidnaps his ex-wife and former protégé. He attempts to murder her and frame another of his former protégés, a man he believes she is sleeping with.

In another world, an enslaved creature tries to gain her freedom, but she soon learns that life after escape is difficult to navigate.