Short stories tagged with Pedophilia

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A man, obsessed with a girl twenty-nine years younger than him, is taken to jail for trying to seduce a minor, and wishes he could find a way to help others understand their relationship.

In modern-day China, a man previously accused of being a pedophile sets out to meet and provide support for a man whose daughter has publicly accused him of being an adulterer.

Altagracia, a middle schooler from Mexico, is cruelly and suddenly stolen from her home and trafficked to the United States. At the first chance she gets, she runs as fast as she can.

A famous novelist drugs and kidnaps his ex-wife and former protégé. He attempts to murder her and frame another of his former protégés, a man he believes she is sleeping with.

A young trader travels across the universe, criticizing the barbarism of different cultures. After he offends the values of Vikings in Western Europe, he must escape the forces that want him dead and make it back to his lover in his homeland, Eutopia.

A young girl engages in a private affair with a much older man to prove that she is a woman, and in doing so, feels joy at the secret she is hiding from her watchful mother.

When a mother of three children visits her home country of South Africa for Christmas, her depression at how her life has failed her renders her neglectful, putting both her eldest child and sister in irreparable danger.

On a farm in upstate New York, a new farm hand meets a girl, but things get complicated when they find out she's a minor.

A young girl falls in love with an artist, but he is in love with another woman who is eventually responsible for the death of his art, leaving the girl wishing that she could save him.

On its way to a new town to perform, a carnival stumbles upon an abandoned girl and decides to take her in. However, the carnival’s knife-thrower discovers her possible involvement in a murder and an unsettling worm cult.