Short stories published in 1967

Listing 24 stories.

When a young man graduates college and inherits money from his grandfather, he decides to move to France for a year, hoping to feel more at home than he ever did in Chicago.

Fondly recalling memories at the motion picture theater, an old man blurs the lines between past and present.

Ever since she was little, Juliette's time-traveling grandfather would bring back a person of the past for her to torture and kill. It's all fun and games until Juliette meets a victim who might be her match.

A mechador who taunts cars much like how matador taunts bulls has become a cyborg after his second death in the ring, but comes out of his retirement to face down the cars once again.

When his attempt at religious repentance fails, a troubled teenage boy with a reputation for being a bad boy ends up taking a school prank too far.

When a Master's student in anthropology researches the Highlands of Scotland with his hunting dog by his side, he encounters an elderly couple who teach him about the local culture and traditions.

Having poured 53 years of her life into the creation of a refined girl’s school, principal Miss Bird despairs in the changing of the times and gradual sapping of her powers into the hands of a new board, finally slapping the daughter of the chairman in the face in her all-consuming anger.

When a married couple attempts to change their flat tire on the side of the road, a group of boys offer to help, thinly masking their true malicious intent.

A young trader travels across the universe, criticizing the barbarism of different cultures. After he offends the values of Vikings in Western Europe, he must escape the forces that want him dead and make it back to his lover in his homeland, Eutopia.

An elderly man fills out an exit questionnaire as he leaves his retirement community, intending to admonish the community's doctor. He ends up revealing the details of his final months with his wife and describes how they used to dance together, cherishing their love.