Short stories tagged with Boyhood

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Fondly recalling memories at the motion picture theater, an old man blurs the lines between past and present.

A young British soldier returns to his home in Westminster after the war, only to find that both he and the city have been impacted by the cruelness of the war.

A middle-aged Nigerian man visits his aging parents and remembers his childhood connection with the family's old houseboy. Memory reveals their friendship and betrayal.

A woman's son experiences a terrifying accident that shifts the trajectory of his life and changes his relationship with his parents and siblings throughout his life.

A 5-year-old boy with a unique way of seeing the world feels alienated from his mother and tells her that he does not need her anymore. This viewpoint later causes him to lash out at his family, leading him to reflect on himself and his life.

In 1920s Boston, two lower-class boys, one Jewish and one Catholic, work together at a corner store. Despite their religious differences and difficult upbringings, they form an unbreakable bond.

A group of boys is lured into a sewer by their classmate where mind tricks and riddles await them in the damp darkness.

A boy rides along in his father's truck, but when he breaks his father's only rule—don't touch anything—by turning on the radio, he hears another trucker threatening the safety of his father.

After a terrible accident, a young boy helps his friend find solace in their first love; the lake.

A young adolescent gang leader steals a flashlight, which helps him find a new way to see the gang activity in his city.