Short stories tagged with Homelessness

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Triggered by a fellow addict at a group therapy session, a man finds himself on the streets, in search of anything that will help him feel better.

A gay man working in a luxury fashion store in Asia prepares for the upcoming arrival of the brand’s chief designer. If everything goes right, his desired career in fashion will be set.

A woman's son experiences a terrifying accident that shifts the trajectory of his life and changes his relationship with his parents and siblings throughout his life.

A young, unhoused couple is washing cars outside a fair when the man picks a fight with a car full of men for a dirty remark said to his girlfriend and ends up with a shattered cheekbone and bruised eye. Later, when some Boy Scouts offer him money to see the his girlfriend's boobs, she agrees, as long as he's not there. After, she hides with the money, prepared to leave him.

A son tells a series of stories, most of them about his father and stepfather. As the son describes a robbery that took place at his house in high school and his experiences with his father, a former Jehovah's Witness and current alcoholic, he begins to recall details from his childhood.

In an unlikely encounter, a homeless teenage boy recounts harsh events of his life to a writer. He nonchalantly tells of an employer whose assignments caused him to have permanent physical and mental damage.

After her father kills himself, a young girl runs away with a traveling, unhoused stranger she meets at the bus stop. The two scrape and save for a life together until one day, she wakes up and he's gone. After looking for him in the cold, surviving an assault, and accepting help from a stranger, the girl realizes he's betrayed her, taking their savings and leaving. The next year, she gives birth to their child.

A homeless man in Paris wanders around looking for old friends, only to find that during his time away in Spain, they have all become nearly unrecognizable.

In a small town in Minnesota, a man's ex-wife returns to him, homeless and in request for help, after abandoning him and their son more than a decade ago.

A lesbian painter in the Northeastern United States evolves from the 1980s to the 2020s as she witnesses horrible tragedy, familial disapproval, and blazing-hot love.