Short stories tagged with Drug Use

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A man works in an emergency room alongside his friend, and they take a concoction of different drugs that blurs the lines between their current shift and their break as well as between reality and fiction.

A homeless man in Paris wanders around looking for old friends, only to find that during his time away in Spain, they have all become nearly unrecognizable.

Three boys try to avoid being drafted into a war in a futuristic world where the government has crumbled into a backward, technologically primitive, Christian nation.

A teenage girl mourns the loss of her beloved girlfriend to cancer as she begins a relationship with another girl who she realizes is no substitute.

At a medieval-themed amusement park, a man is put in a difficult situation when he is given a promotion that could help his family in exchange for covering his boss' crimes.

A sister and her half-brother are suspicious when the boy's father, who was a heroin addict, returns home for a visit. The father's relapse throws their relationship into chaos, but then he bestows a unique gift on the children before he leaves.

When a sober woman in her thirties meets a strange man involved in high-profile drug deals, she is horrified to learn that he has followed her for weeks. Eventually, the woman goes against her better judgement and begins to date him after he promises her a life of luxury and comfort.

Wild Turkey, returned from Iraq to a state of homelessness and addiction, drifts amid the memories of his military training and the atrocities of the war.

An Armenian immigrant mother in Los Angeles deals with her rebellious teenage son. As the weeks pass, she becomes more and more hopeless about his irresponsible actions and her own situation.

As a teenage girl stumbles upon a mysterious portal leading her to a utopian, magical world, her storyline converges with that of the author—a middle-aged, married mother of two who has come out as asexual to her husband—leading both to a reckoning with their unfulfilling romantic relationships and deepest desires.