Short stories published in Tenth of December

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Al Roosten, a local business owner always second-best to his competitor, Larry Donfrey, contemplates returning to an anti-drug charity event to ensure that Donfrey is able to help his disabled daughter.

A typical nice-guy colleague with a toxically positive attitude delivers an exhortation to his colleagues about eliminating self-doubt so as to increase work performance.

A traumatized veteran returns from the war and must navigate the changes he finds in his disoriented personal life, all while enduring superficial judgments from his family and community.

At a medieval-themed amusement park, a man is put in a difficult situation when he is given a promotion that could help his family in exchange for covering his boss' crimes.

A child observes their father’s strange obsession with dressing up the pole in their front yard as they grow up.

As he witnesses his neighbor being kidnapped, Kyle must make a choice to either defy his strict, overbearing parents or remain silent.