Short stories tagged with Flash Fiction

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A typical nice-guy colleague with a toxically positive attitude delivers an exhortation to his colleagues about eliminating self-doubt so as to increase work performance.

As they hide from an enemy in their house, a woman and man argue about the nature of the enemy--whether it is human or weather-related.

An anonymous, disturbed man travels aimlessly across the desert, murdering families within their own homes in a slew of small-town and highway killings.

A group of rebels try to build an army against an oppressive government system. However, they have to do it in secret, in fear of getting punished.

When a woman talks to a man in bed, their conversation reminds her of a short story she read earlier, and she wonders if she is stupid like the story's character.

Two men sit outdoors at a restaurant during the Great Depression and gossip about the experiences and occupations of individuals they've encountered.

A woman develops a risky love for her son's pediatrician, despite the fact that they are both married.

An orphan boy has a chance encounter with a strange woman who lives up the street from him. Without any guardians to protect him, the boy is coerced into transforming, becoming unrecognizable in the process.

A Jewish communist quit working at an editorial bureau where his co-workers are bothered by his leftist ideology because of his boss' praises of him.

A person cooks spaghetti every day for a year to distract themselves from their loneliness.