Short stories tagged with Quiet

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When a young girl gets a job as a caretaker for a wealthier middle-aged man, she finds herself in the middle of social tensions between his mother-in-law, his wife, and the flirtatious masseuse.

Following his breakup, a Japanese college student uses savings from his relationship as a means to quit his summer mowing job, but not without first helping a woman who asks, but doesn't appear to need, for her lawn to be mowed.

Short bursts of inexplicable silence envelope an unnamed city and its residents, inspiring self-reflection and—much to their surprise—contentment.

A person cooks spaghetti every day for a year to distract themselves from their loneliness.

A man meets two women on a train and is occupied by the talkative one, but enamored by the quiet one.

A couple go to a small seaside town to get inspiration for the woman's photography, but they must face the ghost stories they've heard of the town.