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An American continues to run into another American on their trips around Europe and the Mediterranean.

A young man contracts an intestinal disease as he travels to a tropical island and chooses to fast for his physical and spiritual health. As he develops an intimacy with the island, he becomes convinced that this fast will cure his illness — despite what other Western travelers believe.

After his newspaper route, a young paperboy enters a Southern café, only to be roped into a philosophical conversation surrounding love by an old man.

A space traveler visiting Earth is subjected to all the dark experiences of being human and eventually loses hold of his/her own identity.

After sending her grandson off to war, an old woman helps the ghosts of past battles on their way to help America in the new war, World War I.

After her father kills himself, a young girl runs away with a traveling, unhoused stranger she meets at the bus stop. The two scrape and save for a life together until one day, she wakes up and he's gone. After looking for him in the cold, surviving an assault, and accepting help from a stranger, the girl realizes he's betrayed her, taking their savings and leaving. The next year, she gives birth to their child.

An older man goes off on a quest through the desert to find a fortune despite there seeming to be no hope.

An old man in Italy tells the story of when he traveled to America and was wrongfully imprisoned for a crime he didn’t commit.

A woman trying to get a flight to America begins to spend time with the attendant who booked her flight and learns about his personal history.

A native Brooklynite helps a big man get to Boisenhoist, a section in Brooklyn. However, as the two converse, the native Brooklynite becomes more and more wary of the other man's antics.