Short stories tagged with Break Ups

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A teenage girl spends her summer riding horses to waste time while she waits for a letter from her recently enlisted boyfriend to come.

After his newspaper route, a young paperboy enters a Southern café, only to be roped into a philosophical conversation surrounding love by an old man.

After a dangerous encounter with a predatory artist in the 1980s, a former artist-turned-housewife tries to imbue her oblivious teenage daughter with that same fear of men that leaves her cold decades later.

When a depressed middle aged man strikes up a romance with his neighbor in a modern suburban American town, he consults women's magazines to make himself into the perfect lover.

When a young adult accompanies her avoidant mother to a mammogram appointment during a visit to her suburban hometown, she receives terrible news that throws her identity in flux.

Sitting at a bar, a man reminisces about his past experiences with love and develops a philosophy for 'beautiful' relationships that relies on the inevitability of their ends.

Jack wanders around the world trying to find the right person, but nobody seems to stay long enough—that is, until he meets Jamie, a person he never thought he could love, and things change forever.

When a young couple in a park joins hands and miraculously teleports back home, the man’s subsequent obsession with recreating that one-off spark of magic drives a wedge in between them.

A Dominican-American boy in modern New York City lusts after his cooler older brother’s beautiful girlfriend. Only in the face of unexpected tragedy does he get to shoot his own shot.

When a volcanic eruption impedes their plans to go back home to California, a middle-aged data analyst and his energetic mother find themselves trapped in Iceland, their mutual discomfort toward one another prolonged.