Short stories tagged with Strange Ending

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After his newspaper route, a young paperboy enters a Southern café, only to be roped into a philosophical conversation surrounding love by an old man.

In a convent, a young nun’s internal war between desire and religion comes to a head when she makes a new, devious friend.

In the future, all humans must wait in an impossibly long line, where getting to the front means securing one’s future and never having to worry about money again. Waiting in the line for decades on end, the worst of humanity comes out.

When a teenage girl in 1940s New York City finally conjures up the urge to demand some money that a friend owes her, she’s treated to an afternoon of conversation unlike anything she’s ever heard before.

A New Yorker riding the subway to meet her lover suddenly finds herself exiting onto an unfamiliar platform that furls out into an alternate version of New York, unable to find her way home.

A detective finds a large mass of severed body parts, and sets to figure out the identity of the killer and their motives before they strike again.